Friday, October 28, 2005

Someone could use a field trip...

Last night, the wife & I took a little walk down to Gristedes to buy some pumpkins to carve for our party. They turned out AWESOME, as you will see in Halloween pics to be put up sometime next week. However, while in line at the 26th st. Gristedes, the neighboring cashier started asking our cashier some questions, starting with "How do pumpkins grow?" Perhaps being embarrased by her co-workers ignorance, or just playing deaf, the question went unanswered, until I volunteered, "On a vine." The next question is proof that at some point in life, even city kids good benefit from a field trip to a farm or something, or perhaps just to eat somewhere other than McDonald's. As I unloaded my pumpkin onto the counter she asked, "So, can you like eat them and stuff?" Oh Lord... trying to be nice, and hold back the laughter I responded w/ "Uh... yeah, like pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, etc". She was all "oh yeah!"
Between that excahange, and Amanda knocking over a display of frosting in a spray can, that was quite possibly one of the funniest grocery store trips ever.
Alright- uh, I guess I should do some work or something?? Will update more after the 3 upcoming Halloween parties, I can't wait!! Happy Halloween everyone!
Love Ya!!
-BOO-los mwahahaha

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Amanda & Boulos said...

don't forget when my pants got caught on the carts, after I knocked over the display, and confused people were trying to take carts, wondering why we were stealing pumpkins from the window and throwing cans of frosting everywhere.