Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Daytime Evil

Hello All!
Another weekend has gone by. Mine was spent partially w/the fam out in good ole' Westfield, NJ, where I spent my formative years. The visit was punctuated with my boyfriend's first presence @ a family dinner. He had met my 'rents briefly in the past, but this was the longest time for all of them to spend together, and I think it went pretty well. I was also drinking heavily during this time to help get through any possible awkward silences, so perhaps my view of the entire evening is a bit skewed, but oh well. I unfortunately missed the sweet mini NYU reunion that the wife went to, and the open bar party on Sat, but I'm sure she'll be telling you all about those sometime soon.
After arriving to work a little hungover, and completely exhausted on a Monday morning, I just wanted to pretend to get some stuff done, drink some coffee, and enjoy the TV in my office. Ellen, usually a trustworthy source of distraction and amusment, but yesterday seemed as though it were an early Halloween epidsode. The most horrifying, nauseating, dispicable display ocurred... AN INTERVIEW WITH BARBARA STREISAND! If you can't tell, the woman makes me want to die. I find her to be almost completely without talent (unless you consider somehow tricking an entire nation, and a sexy older dude that you are worth something a talent), utterly arrogant, and overall a complete an utter festival of crap. Contained in this interview were the following statements:
  • Upon being asked "what kind of music do you listen to?" her response was "Why would I listen to music? I don't listen to music!" in an entirely defiant manner...
  • When asked if she ever sings around the house, her response "Why would I do that? I NEVER EVER sing around the house!" Follow up of "not even in the shower?" She continued to act horrified esp. when discovering that millions of people all over the world are shower singers.
  • Although this list could go on forever, I will end it with this. Ellen asks, "What made you decide to do this record, and why did you choose to let me interview you?" Babs replies, "Pressure for my label, and you have high ratings" without an ounce of irony. WHAT IS THIS WOMAN'S DAMAGE???

Seriously, my boss and I nearly lost it. This woman needs serious help. I also really could have lived without the knowledge that she never wears a bra. If you want to see some of the interview, click here.



Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that ms. Streisand (I don't care if this is spelled correctly) is one of the most self-important assholes on the plannet. Thanks for making my day.

...who could i be?

Amanda & Boulos said...

omg anonymous is so sneaky! In any case, Barbara is totally ridiculous. But I guess she is in that Michael Jackson/ Tom Cruise camp of people who have been famous and rich for so long, they have no idea what the hell is going on.


Amanda & Boulos said...

Who are you anonymous???