Thursday, March 09, 2006

Scenes from a cube

So the most excellent conversation occurred near my cubicle. Characters are Semi Mullet (SM), Chick (C), and Guy (G). Normally I hate SM but seriously does no one else know what Christopher Cross is? Arthur's Theme? Sailing? 'N Sync did a tribute to him once, which involved sailing over the audience! (Why do I know this??)

Couldn't find them Sailing over the audience;
went for their pictoral tribute to homosexuality instead.

SM: Hey do you remember that Christopher Cross song... what was it, um, I Think of Laura [ed. note: um it was something about Laura]

G: Kriss Kross?

SM: Um, no, not Kriss Kross. Not "Jump Jump"

(general muttering about kriss kross and lyrics of "jump jump")

C: you know, you never hear what they're doing now onVH1. You know, those "where are they now" shows?

G: That's because they're probably in the garbage.

C: yeah

SM: But you know that was a good song, in it's day.

Trendsetters one day, Hobos the next