Wednesday, December 09, 2009

We're blogging elsewhere right now

Not that we have been blogging anywhere for awhile -- but Boulos, our friend Alice and I have decided to try this Couch to 5K thingy, and Boulos created a blog where we can share our feelings, both physical and emotional, concerning it:


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pull Your Little Arrows Out

I am currently totally obsessed with this song. I don't love Emily Haines and actually find her voice kind of grating at times, but I Can't. Stop. Listening. I would suggest you check it out. The lyrics are rather phenomenal, imo.

Um, maybe I'll post something more soon. Going to Jersey/New York for Labor Day/My birthday, so I'm sure stories will arise ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back and better than ever

Well, not really. I'm briefly returning to break the news that I was laid off two weeks ago (with every intention of returning more frequently). While leaving my office of nearly 3 years with about 5 plastic grocery bags of crap (having left 1 or 2 bags behind with a co-worker who lives nearby), I decided that the worst part about getting laid off is not the uncertainty, the terror of losing medical coverage, any feeling of betrayal you may have, etc. etc.

It's the fucking walk of shame.

Of course I'm not going to spring for a cab when I've just lost my job. But seriously, I felt like every single person I encountered was wondering, "fired or laid off"? Luckily I had my mp3 player and my bitchface, which I gave to anyone who dared to look at me.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Recession/Depression Update

So my update is not about people being laid off at my office -- though four have been since the New Year (well, three positions were eliminated, and one person had run their course in a position in which one is liable to totally run their course by no fault of their own). Obviously this is pretty upsetting.

That happened. But then this happened: the office building obviously cut back on the bathroom supplies budget. And now the paper towels are just... almost unusably terrible. If I didn't feel compelled on many levels to wash my hands each time I use the bathroom, I would quit doing so. They are so HARSH and PAPERY! I honestly think paper cuts are a new and horrible threat.

And it's winter! My hands already feel rough, bordering on scaly, and are liable to crack open and begin bleeding upon contact. Seriously, will I be shedding this outer layer of skin soon? Am I half reptile, somehow? Am I the Lizard Queen?

I'm being somewhat facetious, obviously, but it is pretty gross.

p.s. Seemingly out of nowhere -- why is it that boys (men?) still have the potential to make me feel about 15? Like, exactly how I felt about romance at 15 (which is to say, overwhelmingly nauseous). To be honest, it's something I both resent and relish. But sometimes I swear to god it's 1996.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, Happy Day.

Boulos would love that title (Sister Act II). Anyway... YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, you can find the whole of Obama's speech here. I know that I, for one, need to re-read, as I have ADD or something.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Our friend is FAMOUS!

So, as some of you may know, our dear friend Archana is a PHENOMENAL pastry chef, and makes some of the most gorgeous cakes you've ever seen. Well, if you'd like to see some of her work, you can check it out in the Winter 2009 issues of In Style Weddings! She's made cakes for magazines before, but never before have her name and direct quotes appeared along with them! This is a huge accomplishment, and we are so proud!!!

So, go to page 266, to check out her gorgeous cakes! 2 out of the 4 seasonal featured cakes are hers, and they are beautiful to look at, and sound delicious! Even if you don't get to buy a copy, stop in your local newstand to check them out, you won't be disappointed. She's in the process of starting her own venture, so if any of you need some cakes or cookies baked, let us know, and we can put you in contact with her. Bon Apetite!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh, THAT Ox!

So, as is tradition in our new high tech world, over the holidays, I composed a Christmas text and New Year's text that I sent out to the majority of the people in my phone. This usually spawns mass replies from everyone in rapid succession. This year, on Christmas, I happened to receive a pretty standard, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" text on Christmas morning. It was from a 646 number I didn't recognize, but since it orginated in NYC, I figured perhaps someone I knew changed their number or something. I responded with a "Who is this?", and forgot about it. I never received a response, yet the story does not end there (and if it did, you could all beat me for writing the most boring story ever).

A week later, I was drunkenly sending and receiving my Happy New Year texts, and the number appeared again. Some things (like the location of my digital camera) escaped me, until late on New Year's Day, while sitting on my couch, I remembered the reappearnce of the mysterious number! I immediately responded to their bizarre, and not quite cheery text reading, Happy new year, hope this year is better than the last". So, again, I wrote back, "Who is this?", and thankfully I did, because it ended in one of the most hilarious discoveries ever, and you can't make these names or situations up. I will write it as it occurred...

Me: "Who is this?"

Response: "Ox from Magic Photo at Jersey Gardens mall"

Me: " I have no idea who you are... not sure why you've sent me all these holiday texts..."

Response: "LOL! The Photagrapher who gives you free pictures"

Me: "Who do you think I am? It sounds like you have the wrong number."

Response: "Gusty"

Me: "I am not Gusty... hahaha sorry dude."

Response: "My bad"

Um, WHO NAMED THESE PEOPLE??? Also, the fact that I was like hung over and semi-delerious made this whole situation even funnier. Is it wrong that I have a STRONG desire to head over to Jersey Gardens sometime soon, and scope out who this Ox guy is, because WTF?

I wish all of you a happy new year, btw!!! I hope your holidays were great!!!