Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday Shmonday

At what point does anyone find it appropriate to incessantly giggle and loudly make out with their boyfriend on an 8am bus ride into the city? Ok, unless I am drunk, my boyfriend is drunk, or we're both drunk, we NEVER carry on in public like that, as it could possibly cause others to throw up directly on us. I mean, after this excellent weekend, I have to wake up to a morning of freezing weather, and this bullshit? Seriously, it ain't right, but onto the fun stuff...

Friday night consisted of being treated to hours of free drinks and appetizers courtesy of one of Amanda's bosses or something (some high up dude). I met the other KB who works with Amanda, and apparently she is the insurance company version of me, weird. Those insurance peeps know how to party, that is for sure, and I gotta go back to that bar, b/c the espresso martini was unreal. Following the fun times w/teammate, co-star, Amanda's cyberfriend, and all those insurance fools, we headed over to check out one of Amanda's fave bloggers who was spinning @ Orchard Bar. The hilarity that ensued at this bar was overwhelming. First of all, I don' t know who these retards were, but while outside for a cig we heard one dude on his phone, calling it "Orchid Bar", hi, learn to read, thanks. Then, this other moron appears and keeps yelling on his phone that the bar is on Rivington. He even goes so far to say "It's like Irvington, without the front letters"... um are you kidding. IT IS CALLED ORCHARD BAR BECAUSE IT IS ON ORCHARD STREET!!!!!!!! I don't know if these hipsters had overdosed on Sparks and fanny packs or what, but they were out of control. In the midst of this, I had some drunken convos w/the boyf, who was drunk enough to be convinced to come into the city, nice.
So, upon leaving the bar, Amanda wandered out w/me to smoke, and J rolled up, and was quite trashed, in such a glamorous way. He appeared while on the phone w/a friend of his, telling the kid to "take shelter", it was hilarious. As I left the 2 trashed ones, I went to Rudy's to meet the boyf around 3. This is where I met some Roller Derby chicks who attempted to beat the boyf (it was a joke, but so fucking weird, I can't even deal).
----I need to take a moment to interrupt myself to tell you all that SIMPLY RED is back, the dude is singing this song that could induce violent behavior, it's so bad. This is the problem with having a TV in your office, sometimes they just allow things on TV without proper warning, and it can be really traumatic.----
Alright, so, after the misunderstanding w/the Roller Derby chicks, they introduced themselves. The first one was all "Hi, nice to meet you, my name is MALICIOUS", ok... the other one was Ginger, and she forced me to do the "secret girl handshake", uh, sure. After that, it was just drunken craziness. The boyf and I returned to Amanda drunkenly eating pizza on the couch. We all just acted crazy for a bit, and then we passed out around 5am or something.

Saturday night= drunk times w/boyf, making dinner, and then a serious WWF wrestling fight, which has led to some painful bruises and rug burn. The funniest was the appearance of his sister and her fiancee who think we're pretty insane b/c of this, but it was good times.

Sunday was such a Sunday, helping out w/the empty apt. in my boyf's house, making dinner for all us peeps, chilling w/his 16 month old niece, etc.

Overall a kickass weekend, can't wait to hear why Amanda was throwing up again! Will update if anything else awesome happens.

Smiles & Giggles!

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