Friday, May 30, 2008


Ok, I watch a local newscast every morning, here in the NY Tri-State area which features a computer segment with "Kurt, the Cyber Guy." Usually this is a collection of lame tech-y news and viral videos, blah blah. This morning, hoever, good ole' Kurt OUTDID himself. This discovery is quite possibly the most excellent thing I've ever seen, and features possibly the only EXXTREME "Sport" I may EVER be able to actually participate in... EXTREME IRONING.

Whoever thought of combining "Extreme" behavior and one of the worst chores in life, ironing, should seriously be awareded some sort of award. It's amazing.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

What can I say, she dresses like a tramp.

I just took my dog out for her last pee of the night (I know it's insanely late, which is why I specify "pee" -- we walk out of the front gate, she whizzes, it's not even a walk).

I knew she had to go since she woke up and gave me the sad "why haven't you taken me out lately?" look. But she laid on the couch staring at me while I asked her several times if she'd like to go out. To get things moving, I had to walk over to her, clip on her leash, and then pick her up and put her down on the ground.

So I said to her, "I know you want it."

Honest to God, I caught myself right before I said, "You're giving me that look." I didn't want my dog to think I was about to rape her.