Monday, October 17, 2005

Ahhh, Drinking for free

Oh, weekend. I had a very good Friday night, as Boulos has already indicated. I was able to get completely intoxicated in the company of about 15 close friends when the Man, who we will call Mr. Big (wait is that someone else’s alias already?), left behind his credit card and ordered us to celebrate Diana’s birthday on him. For a night, life was everything I’d ever dreamed it could be. The weird and creepy bartender -- who is also good-looking and thus fools all the ladies into wanting to hump him until they realize he is, um, weird and creepy -- makes very good martinis. I nearly fell in love with him purely based on the fact that he was the one handing me free drinks. And that is about all that can be said for him. Plans were to head over to the Lower East Side after leaving our afterwork bar, but everyone I work with crapped out, despite the fact that I was pointing to myself and yelling “WOKE UP ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR” to anyone who would listen.

They tiredly admitted that I was the champion that night, and Boulos and I headed over to Orchard Bar, where one of my favorite bloggers was djing. The music was great, and intoxication led to me dancing, led to me making out with a random guy on the dance floor (to clarify: he pretty much attacked me). Erika and Bonnie showed up, followed by a very drunk Jesse. He basically heckled a guy on the street into making out with me by repeatedly accusing him of being gay, and then daring him to kiss me and prove his heterosexuality (oh how quickly I forget the boys who kiss and run on the dance floor!). On my way out of the bar, I passed Carlos D going into the bar (newsflash: Interpol is kind of my obsession), and turned around to follow him in. I was met by a kind of “Really?” look from some guy at the bar, which forced me to confront the fact that I was now all alone, and had absolutely no way of interacting with Mr. D that didn’t involve slurring and stumbling around. So I turned back, and eventually found my way home, where I apparently complained incessantly of being too drunk before passing out on the couch.

Saturday evening I met Erika and Sandy for a quick dinner at Au Bon Pain, followed by a viewing of The Squid and the Whale. I would definitely recommend this movie. I didn’t expect a movie that basically chronicles the dissolution of a really, really dysfunctional marriage, particularly from the kids’ perspective, to be so funny. Often in a cringe-and-laugh way, but it’s definitely worth the $10. Jeff Daniels is kind of this year's Jeff Bridges (as in, A Door in the Floor) -- deserving of an Oscar I'm sure he won't get. Laura Linney is great too.

Saturday night was a bit of a letdown. While I enjoyed hanging out with Archana, PJ, and all of their chef friends, I paid $40 for 4 drinks that barely got me buzzed, and then stood on the corner and watched my after-hours bar get busted. So I went home and passed out on the couch, to Lifetime Movie Network, which resulted in a lot of waking up to Judith Light looking uglier than ever, and having nightmares about being molested by prison guards. It was strange. I also woke up with the worst hangover-cold (what is this? it only recently began happening to me) ever, so I basically slept and watched tv on Sunday. Which was much more difficult than it sounds, since our DVR has been going insane, and the cable itself is iffy right now.

So to sum up my weekend: Me 2, bathroom floor 0. Haha!

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