Friday, October 21, 2005

Get along, little doggies.

So a coworker has decided to organize a team to participate in this. I’m totally signing up, as we plan to combine scheming, strategy, scavenging, and booze.

God, I am soooo over work. For the past two days, I have been coming in at 10:30, insanely hung over. Needing water. So I have this bottle that I have been refilling from our water cooler for like a month, and today I confirmed what I have suspected for a couple days: the water is turning a slight brownish color. But I keep drinking anyway. Why is it brownish? I mean it’s just water. Which is what I keep telling myself as I drink this obviously disease-ridden stuff. If I have that avian flu next week, I think we will know why.

But this is not why I am over work. The fact is, I am useless. My brain is mush, my body aches, and I have no ability to concentrate. I think the drink is turning me into an ADD-ridden old lady. Last night was Sarah’s Cowboy & Indian –themed party, which was pretty entertaining. I think I drank 2 bottles of wine, and I went with the intention of only dabbling in alcohol. Whoops! The wife made it to this one, and some of the usual suspects were there, as were other random folk. After Pam, Sarah and I compared our versions of the architect party of the night previous, we listened to cowboy music and played some poker. This odd fellow we had not seen for years, who once molested my friend under a table, showed up. We made an effort not to sit next to him. Hoping to actually wake up in my own bed today, I left around 3 or so, but got sidetracked on the way home and wound up at our old college haunt, Barrow Street Ale House. I was good, though, and sent myself home after a beer and some chitchat with another fave bartender, Dr. Z.

Tonight I might get a chance to hang out with a college buddy I haven’t seen in at least a year. But for now, back to blankly staring at claims, and writing emails to friends so that I look like I’m working.


p.s. Everyone must come to this! In costume, and that means you, Ass Pirate!

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