Friday, October 28, 2005

BOO ya

I meant to write about my weekend earlier this week, but neglected to, and now the memory is hazy… it’s like, um, drank a lot and had fun. Oh yeah, saw a bunch of people from college on Friday, flirted with a cute bartender (which is of NEWSFLASH status, I think), stuck a note in a table that we discovered was a desk (it read: “Dear You, You opened the drawer and I love you. Call me. Love, Amanda,” and had my phone number. I received 2 calls the next day). It was good times. On Saturday, Archana invited me, Tania and Sarah to this party in Tribeca… it was strange, in a huge apartment, with a dj and 2 kegs. You could hear the party from the street, but luckily they had invited the whole building. Very frat-like, but fun. This one guy was dancing like an insane monkey (in a really unappealing way) while wearing a sweater, and when I got in line for the bathroom he cut me, with stains on the back of his tshirt, claiming some girl had spilled water on him and he needed to use the bathroom immediately. Um, sweater guy? We all saw you dancing in that sweater. I am well aware that those are sweat stains. Our conversation went like:

“So, I’ll be quick, just let me go first”
“Um, I think I can be faster than you. What are you planning to do about that anyway?”
“Rinse out my shirt.”
“Yeah, I can definitely be faster than you.”

And he proceeded to go in before me anyway. Chivalry is dead!

And this weekend – Halloween!!! Yay! The wife and I cleaned the apartment, carved pumpkins, and toasted pumpkin seeds last night in preparation for our spooky Halloween bash that is set for tomorrow. Tonight, however, we will pop our costumes’ cherries at Sarah’s party. Hopefully they don’t bleed all over the sheets. Then of course it is off to the bars on Monday, real Halloween. I have taken Tuesday off work, to avoid calling in sick at 12:30 a la last St. Patrick’s Day. As for the costumes; after being RocknRoll Unicorns last year – a concept we pretty much made up, with some inspiration from cable access and Lisa Frank – we are dressing more traditionally this year. I’ll be going as a spooky witch, while Boulos is a dark angel.

Pictures, etc to follow next week.


p.s. I tried to include a picture of an adorable baby and a pumpkin, but the image thingy wasn't working :(

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