Friday, October 14, 2005

What Up, Fresh Kids?

Alright, my compadre has already opened up the forum of this fair blog, but I feel it's my duty to add to it.

First of all, I would like to point out how my bro channeled my innebriated roomate last night. He is in a band, and somehow had the dumb luck to meet some girl who's mission is to get them signed within the year. Part of this girl's plan included having a limo full of beer pick up the band last night, take them to dinner, then get them into a club hosting a FORD MODEL AGENCY PARTY. What? He said it was VIP all the way, and he was downing Jager from the bottle. I guess you gotta act like a rock star to become a rock star. I wish that I was that ambitious! I thought my job buying spackle for the faces of aging daytime stars was kind of rock star, but perhaps I need to reexamine that.

So, as it turns out, my bro got himself good and plastered, got back to his practice studio and passed out on the floor, most likely w/ a drum stick in his mouth... He just called me @ 2:30pm to inform me he was taking part in the Pizza Hut 2nd pizza for a quarter special all by himself. WHAT A LIFE! Alright, I got a little plastered last night, but the only part of the evening I spent on the floor, was w/ an 18month old. Oh well, at least I was drunk when I was hanging w/ that kid.

In other news, our friend L had her baby on Tuesday, and that is one cute lil' chick! It's really surreal to have a friend w/ a baby, and we were all kind of blown away by it. Don't be surprised if Amanda is arrested for stealing babies, or more speficially buying this one from L, b/c apparently she really wants to. Alright fools, i suppose that concludes my intro to you.

Stay Cool

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Amanda & Boulos said...

Dude I offered to buy that baby. She was all, "it's a little late for that." I mean seriously, what a greedy bitch! (amanda out!)