Monday, November 07, 2005

I Fought the Law...

What up?? Many life altering changes have happened for us unicorns in the past week. Amanda has lost her job, but I will leave it to her to update all you cyber fools on that subject. Halloween came and went, and our party was fantastic. The unfortunate event of the party was my drunken stumble, which ended with me falling chin first onto bun's cage. Despite the blood, I am fine, and clearly have not learned any lessons about my relationship with alcohol... which brings me to the events of Saturday November 5, 2005.
After spending a couple of nights in Jersey, Andy & I came in for a housewarming party for a friend of Amanda's. The girl, Mary, moved only a block away from us, so it seemed like it would be a fun and convenient night. Oh no... this was not to be. Andy decided to grab a beer for the road, and none of us thought twice about it, since the block between 9th & 10th is usually pretty dead at night. When we got to the the corner Amanda, Andy & Archana ran into the deli to get more beer to bring to the party. I stayed outside, holding Andy's beer, and, well, drinking it. I was already a little drunk, so it was kind of hard to cover up the beer bottle, being that it was a Miller High Life (the champagne of beers), it was pretty big to begin with. Some guys said something to me about drinking it, and I was quite brazen I suppose, but since our final destination was across the street, it didn't at all seem like a big deal. Oh man, I was wrong. When everyone exited the deli, I was immediately stopped by 2 cops. Unfortunately for me, they were under cover, and the one directly talking to me looked like he was about 14. So, when he pulled out his badge, I looked at it, said "Happy Halloween", and kept walking, however that wasn't a good idea. To summarize the rest- I got a damn summons for having an "open container", and spent most of my morning trying to figure out where to send the $25! According to this it happens all the time, and I could EASILY fight it, since they put the wrong court date on my ticket I would win, but who wants to take a day off of work to hang out in criminal court? Um, not me, thanks. So... if this ever happens to you, go here, and you will find all the forms you need.
As for the party that night, it was cool, the best part is the wall they allowed everyone to write on. I wrote a lovely haiku about my criminal experience, but I can't really remember it. At least I didn't scratch every other word out like Amanda did, LOL. Andy fell asleep @ the party, and we left. Not the best of nights, but one that will certainly go down in my personal history! haha.
As for Halloween pics, perhaps I'll get the wife to post some this week.
Until then, stay outta jail!
~Your fave jail bird

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