Thursday, September 07, 2006

What Happens When I am Allowed Out of My Cube

Offices are so weird.

1) Why did someone totally shut down the coffee machine at 3:30 pm? Come on, man, I need my midafternoon cup. (it should be noted that nearly everyone at my office seems to have a 1 hour+ commute and some of us might need caffeine to stay awake behind the wheel).

2) And if we are shutting down the coffee machine at 3ish, who is making a lean cuisine at 4:20? Is this dinner at the office? If so, how sad is a lean cuisine at your desk for dinner? Will your cats be moving in here anytime soon?

3) Why are there so many cute boys here that I have yet to be introduced to? Why did the cutest one just catch me touching my boobs in an awkward manner? I mean, I wasn’t doing anything weird or perverted – I’m wearing a new shirt and it seems to weirdly blouse out at the top of my cleavage and I was smoothing it… oh forget it. I’m a perv and now he knows.


Amanda & Boulos said...

You are a perv, and EVERYONE always knew it... oh wife.

Amanda said...

You wanna start posting as Boulos, or do you prefer to keep the mystery alive? haha.