Monday, September 18, 2006

Unwrapped Food Stuffs

I have not written in a while, as once again my life has been a whirlwind of activities, and since most of them were focused around alcohol, and not near any computers, I have been negligent and I apologize for it.

Anyway, aside from all that boring shite, I will tell you a few things about the past couple of weeks...

A list, for old times sake, dedicated to teammate, co-star, and of course, my wife:

1)If you only ever see one more Broadway show, it should be Mamma Mia. Ok, perhaps it's my half Swedish side talking, but seriously, in addition to it being a showcase for the excellent songs of the ABBA library, it's also hilarious! It's really funny to think of someone coming up with this wacked out story around the contents of the ABBA Gold Album, and it's definitely worth a look. It also comes highly recommended by Mamma Boulos, and you can't argue with a good review from her.

2)A visit to Ocean City, MD. Despite the insane amounts of rain, it was a super cool town. It's got a really long boardwalk, and an excellent all you can eat seafood buffet. Also, it was hosting Bike Week, so my boyf's parents started talking to a couple of redneck bikers while we were walking, and thought they were super nice people despite the fact that upon discovering his Dad was from Italy, the guy literally called Andy's dad "paizan". Um... ok, thanks Mr. Hell's Angel, you are a moron.

3)The Fireman's Convention in Wildwood, NJ. Once again a weekend of drunken debauchery. I spoke with a myriad of ex-fire chiefs who were all excellent in different ways. I also met an ex member of the dept, who was such a SLEEZE!!!!!! His last name is appropriately CUNTSHAFT! Yeah, way to live up to your name there, bucko. I'm not surprised your wife left you after spending less than 30 mins with you.

4)Finally, I just found out that a girl I used to be friends with in junior high/high school has gotten a divorce. Despite everything that happened between us, most of which I can't really specifically remember, I feel really bad for her. I can't imagine that. We are only 25, it just seems really insane to me. I suppose it's better that they didn't have kids, but still the whole thing is still mind blowing to me.

5)Ok, this is the last item actually... I just watched the premiere of Studio 60, and it was FANTASTIC!! Watch it... Chandler + Evil Eric= brilliant comedic genius.


Amanda said...

I am moving to NJ immeadiately and marrying cuntshaft. I don't care how sleazy he is, I NEED his last name.

Boulos said...

Unfortch that shaft lives in TX, or fortch b/c he is an assholish retard.