Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This Is What You Get, ASSHOLES.

For a long time now, I thought that the most pathetic and ridiculous thing one could do is play “Karma Police” on a bar jukebox. I mean, come on guys, I like the song too, but it is inappropriate in a bar setting. Way to instantly turn everyone’s smiles into suicidal grimaces. Thanks for making our jovial time that much bleaker and more doomed.

But people continue to do it, again and again. And then, on Friday, I discovered that there is actually something gayer than just playing the song: holding a table-wide sing-a-long of the song while it plays on the bar jukebox.

Good going, idiots. No one has ever looked more stupid. Nice Radiohead circle jerk. And now, I have 3 or 4 suspects in my “who the hell plays this song????” investigation. You are all looking at a severe beatdown.


Boulos said...

Well, it's good to know it's not specific to NY, but still WTF is up with those lame-os???

Mary said...

Sounds a lot like the drunks at the '03 Ft. Lauderdale Radiohead show, who kept singing along and holding up lighters, etc. to really creepy songs (aka almost the entire set). Since when do they write anthematic songs, right? Then I understood why the band thinks their fans are dumbarses.

Boobs Radley said...

okay, but these guys are totally edged out by the motards who find it appropriate to play COLDPLAY in bars... or anywhere, for that matter.