Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Brief Update

So I am still in Chicago, extended vacation. It's dial-up here so I have been avoiding the internet somewhat, as it is just frustrating and slow. This past weekend I had a new year's eve wedding (my aunt's), which was fun, and then my grandma's funeral the next day. I feel like I left new york 3 years ago or something. Will update with more details, and pics, when I get back to the modern world and cable modem. In the meantime, imagine this -- I'm in Milwaukee last night with my 15-year-old brother and 16-year-old cousin, and we are trying to find something to watch on my grandma's 8-channel old school television at 1:30 am. 4 channels are showing the SAME Investool infommercial. One is showing a temper-pedic bed infommercial. The Public TV station has some old guy talking on and on about god knows what, and ABC has the news on for some reason. So we were forced to watch an educational documentary called Magnificient Colorado, which was from roughly 1965. Fun, but not as fun as the time my brother and I were forced to attempt to learn french on public tv at about 3 am.



Amanda & Boulos said...

Oh wife! Glad you're on your way home!

Vinson G. said...

Yeah, seriously who are you again? I don't even know you. J/K never in NYC.

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