Thursday, November 10, 2005

Unemployment is fun... and SCARY!

Well, I'm back. It would seem that I've had all the time in the world these past couple weeks with which to update this, but sleeping late, watching tv, refusing to dress in anything more professional than a wifebeater, and... um, oh yeah, applying for unemployment while sending out resumes -- these things have really been taking up a lot of my time. As Boulos has already noted, I was unceremoniously fired from my 3-year stint at an evil reinsurance company that I will not name (except to say, you can figure it out by rearranging the letters of MTSR, LCL.). But it's not all bad news. As it turns out, unemployment is pretty generous. And I really did not want to die a claims examiner, anyway. Oh, and Ass Pirate was also fired (the alleged basis of our terminations, though I was not lucky enough to receive a personal explanation, was our emailing habits), so I have a friend with whom I can eat bonbons and watch soaps in my wifebeater. That is, if I wake up early enough to catch the soaps.

In any case, it is really much more important to go over the details of our Halloween. It seemed like Halloween should suck since it was on a Monday, but really that just meant an entire weekend of parties, followed by a Monday night out on the town. Originally I had taken a personal day on Tuesday so that I could avoid calling in sick (see: my St. Patrick's Day fiasco... hmm maybe I deserved my termination), but that was no longer really an issue.

We started off with Sarah's costume party on Friday night (the Waves). Here's a couple hot pictures from that:

I was a witch:

While Boulos was a dark angel:

Ironically, this was the first picture taken at the party, and Tania and Boulos are "pretending" to be drunk:

And eventually, the party became a drunken dance party (yes, this is what happens when a bunch of girls get drunk together -- but also notice that some of these are rack shots, since the one guy who stuck it out til the end got my camera for awhile):

And people were dancing on the table, too:

Saturday was our Halloween party, which was quiet fun and a bit wild. There was nipple-licking:

and the appearance of bare breasts (though I did not take pictures of that, as I am not this guy). I did, however, get pictures of guys staring at my breasts:

Catra was there, smoking like the slut she is:

And Brandon Flowers of the Killers made an appearance:

Well, ok, that's his doppleganger. Afterwards we headed over to Rudy's, where the wife pretended to lick me. Which may not be totally apparent in this picture, but she would kill me if I posted the one where it is more obvious.

We took Sunday night off, but Halloween was a blast. We skipped the parade and started out at a party in the east village, where we attempted dancing:

But the dj totally sucked -- he would play one song that would get the whole room on their feet, and follow it up with slow, strange nature sounds. No thanks, dude. So we left and went over to Barrow Street, which is kind of a Halloween tradition for us -- the west village is the place to go for good costumes. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get any pictures of those. In fact, I didn't manage to get many pictures of actual Halloween. Whoops. Well, here's a crappy one of Boulos and myself, drunk at Barrow Street:

And that was Halloween. Which was followed by a relaxing week off, some drinking last weekend (despite a nasty cold that I developed), and more time off. Ass Pirate and I took advantage of the time off and went drinking Sunday night after a delicious feast at PJ and Archana's, but I find that drinking on Sunday nights is really more fun when you have to get up in the morning. Ah, well. Time for bed, as I actually have plans to do things tomorrow, things that involve getting out of bed before 3 pm. I have to fashion a robot costume for the weekly Waves party (robot theme), which I am way more excited about than I probably should be, as it represents a chance for me to leave the house and socialize with someone other than our bunny, or Boulos. YAY!


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