Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And you said... TURKEY!!!!

Alright... it is about time for the Thanksgiving roundup, Jersey style. It all started with the grand tradidion of BIG WEDNESDAY, a sort of homecoming of sorts that takes place on Thanksgiving Eve. The Jerz peeps and I set out to the lovely Sun Tavern, in Scotch Plains, NJ to imbibe some alcohol and run into roughly half of my 1998 graduating class. I went out with Alice, her boyf Dave, and her friend from college, Hilary. Dave and Hilary were new to the Big Wednesday tradition, and were quite entertained by the unofficial reunion that happens there annualy. Man, the place was more packed than I'd ever seen it! We ran into Jay, who's a big fan of the blog, apparently, that bitch hadn't even told me he was coming to Jerz!! It was good to see you Jay, I hope you're proud to have made it into the blog. At one point I ran into Lindy, who'd been my next-door locker neighbor all 4 years of high school. That girl was always kind of weird, but she has COMPLETELY lost it since. I don't know WTF kind of drugs she's on, but she was fried out of her mind. I mean, she was worse than people I've seen on acid. At one point I asked her if she still had the trampoline a bunch of us bought her for her sweet 16, and her repsponse was screaming "Trampoline, Trampoline!" while jumping up and down. Ok, somehow this girl is in grad school right now, but she could not conduct herself like a sane human for five minutes, how is that possible?? Well, as I was at the mercy of Alice, my designated driver, I got home by a little after 1am, which worked out I guess, b/c I had to get up pretty early for Thanksgiving!

Thursday was the day I'd been dreading most, as the boyf was coming over to spend an entire Holiday with me and my family. It went pretty well, although his choice of stories included lots of drunken firemen times, which are always highly amusing, but seem to be an odd choice to share with my parents. They seem to like him well enough though, and overall a good time was had by all. My mom once again did a kick ass job making us an excellent turkey dinner. After the turkey naps, we had some dessert, and then it was time for Andy to hit the road, since he decided he wanted to go hunting on Fri. It was sad to see him go, but the debauchery would go on!

Now, although Wed. was "big" nothing rocked harder than my Friday night in terms of drunkeness or RANDOMNESS. Seriously. I met up with some of my old school peeps, I'd been friends with since the SEVENTH GRADE!!!!! FOURTEEN YEARS MAN!!!!! Oh man, good times were had. We started out in Cranford at the Riverside Inn, a cute lil' bar that was pretty popular. I'd never been there, but it was cool. We went there first b/c Liz was kinda sick and didn't think she'd make it out late long enough to travel to Hoboken with us. So after a drink we were picked up by Michelle & Michelle, and we were off to the home of frat boys, yuppies, and mobsters, Hoboken, NJ. We started by heading to the apt. of a whole bunch of peeps I went to high school with, but never really talked to. THery were all perfectly nice, just completely random. The apt is 2 stories and 3 people live there, 2 Lauras and this guy Jay (different Jay from Wed). One of the Laura's apparently lied and said that my friend Mari had told her Jay was looking for a place, when in actuality, she just wanted him to live there. This was quite the 3's company situation, as the whole night leading up to Laura's confession involved Mari asking everyone why Jay thinks she got him the apt. It was really odd... I digress though.
We ended up going to this bar 10th & Willow, where many drinks were drank, I danced w/Debbie, Mari, the Michelles, the Lauras, and Jay. I got mad drunk and proceeded to yell at randoms out the car window while on the way to the diner. Following the drunken nosh at UPD, best diner ever, I was dropped off at home @ 3:30am, just in time to accompany my Mom as she drove my Dad & bro to the airport. Nothing's better than being trashed and riding with your whole fam to the airport in the middle of the night, haha.

Sat was shopping w/ my Mom- she bought me fun stuff for my upcoming bday! Yay! Sun was chill, we made turkey soup, and then Andy came and picked me up to see him for a bit before it was time to return to the real world.

So, besides the fact that I woke up with a fever of 101, and basically feel like ass today here at work, I am happy to say that yet another Thanksgiving full of fun has gone by, and it really reminded me what crazy times I had with those high school girls! Those were some awesome Jersey Times, perhaps we'll have more fun times over Christmas!! Peace out, fools!

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