Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Recession/Depression Update

So my update is not about people being laid off at my office -- though four have been since the New Year (well, three positions were eliminated, and one person had run their course in a position in which one is liable to totally run their course by no fault of their own). Obviously this is pretty upsetting.

That happened. But then this happened: the office building obviously cut back on the bathroom supplies budget. And now the paper towels are just... almost unusably terrible. If I didn't feel compelled on many levels to wash my hands each time I use the bathroom, I would quit doing so. They are so HARSH and PAPERY! I honestly think paper cuts are a new and horrible threat.

And it's winter! My hands already feel rough, bordering on scaly, and are liable to crack open and begin bleeding upon contact. Seriously, will I be shedding this outer layer of skin soon? Am I half reptile, somehow? Am I the Lizard Queen?

I'm being somewhat facetious, obviously, but it is pretty gross.

p.s. Seemingly out of nowhere -- why is it that boys (men?) still have the potential to make me feel about 15? Like, exactly how I felt about romance at 15 (which is to say, overwhelmingly nauseous). To be honest, it's something I both resent and relish. But sometimes I swear to god it's 1996.

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BSH ADMIN said...

Here's what happened in our office: They gave Sarah Silverman a $6 million advance on her book and then to "cut costs" took away our personal printers.