Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back and better than ever

Well, not really. I'm briefly returning to break the news that I was laid off two weeks ago (with every intention of returning more frequently). While leaving my office of nearly 3 years with about 5 plastic grocery bags of crap (having left 1 or 2 bags behind with a co-worker who lives nearby), I decided that the worst part about getting laid off is not the uncertainty, the terror of losing medical coverage, any feeling of betrayal you may have, etc. etc.

It's the fucking walk of shame.

Of course I'm not going to spring for a cab when I've just lost my job. But seriously, I felt like every single person I encountered was wondering, "fired or laid off"? Luckily I had my mp3 player and my bitchface, which I gave to anyone who dared to look at me.


Boulos said...

OMG, wife, that is my worst fear! I have SO much crap here, including a Vermont Teddy Bear from my Mom sent to me 2 1/2 years ago! Despite removing it from the box only the day I received it, the leg has fallen off the lil' guy, possibly in protest, but I digress. I will do my best to work on our R n' R U musings with you, b/c as you lovingly pointed out, I got plenty of time to waste at my job anyway.

BSH ADMIN said...

I'm angry on your behalf. But at least you have time to watch Ellen now, right?