Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh, THAT Ox!

So, as is tradition in our new high tech world, over the holidays, I composed a Christmas text and New Year's text that I sent out to the majority of the people in my phone. This usually spawns mass replies from everyone in rapid succession. This year, on Christmas, I happened to receive a pretty standard, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" text on Christmas morning. It was from a 646 number I didn't recognize, but since it orginated in NYC, I figured perhaps someone I knew changed their number or something. I responded with a "Who is this?", and forgot about it. I never received a response, yet the story does not end there (and if it did, you could all beat me for writing the most boring story ever).

A week later, I was drunkenly sending and receiving my Happy New Year texts, and the number appeared again. Some things (like the location of my digital camera) escaped me, until late on New Year's Day, while sitting on my couch, I remembered the reappearnce of the mysterious number! I immediately responded to their bizarre, and not quite cheery text reading, Happy new year, hope this year is better than the last". So, again, I wrote back, "Who is this?", and thankfully I did, because it ended in one of the most hilarious discoveries ever, and you can't make these names or situations up. I will write it as it occurred...

Me: "Who is this?"

Response: "Ox from Magic Photo at Jersey Gardens mall"

Me: " I have no idea who you are... not sure why you've sent me all these holiday texts..."

Response: "LOL! The Photagrapher who gives you free pictures"

Me: "Who do you think I am? It sounds like you have the wrong number."

Response: "Gusty"

Me: "I am not Gusty... hahaha sorry dude."

Response: "My bad"

Um, WHO NAMED THESE PEOPLE??? Also, the fact that I was like hung over and semi-delerious made this whole situation even funnier. Is it wrong that I have a STRONG desire to head over to Jersey Gardens sometime soon, and scope out who this Ox guy is, because WTF?

I wish all of you a happy new year, btw!!! I hope your holidays were great!!!

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Amanda said...

You definitely need to go meet Ox. He will give you free pictures if you're lucky!