Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Picture This...

Like most girls (women?) our age, the Wife and I have been nearly lifelong fans of the excellent, overly sexualized, and sometimes horrifying cult classic, The Golden Girls. We experienced a renewed appreciation for the show during college, and probably got WAY more of the jokes then, than the first time around. Of course, you all know that one of the girls was Sophia Petrillo, played by Estelle Getty. We just wanted to memorialize her, because she was one funny bitch.

Not only did she play mother to Bea Arthur, who is actually one year her junior, but she was able to steal a scene no matter WHAT other crazy shit was going on in that episode. Her ability to cut someone down, and still be sweet was what made her character so awesome. So, here's to you, Estelle, we will miss you and your crazy stories of Sicily! RIP, the Unicorns salute you!


Emily said...

Remember when Ma had the affair with the dying guy? Or wait, was that Rose? I think that plot line was used multiple times, actually.

Amanda said...

Good eulogy wife! Or obituary... whatever. I will always remember "You're a funny little gnome, and we feed you too much." That was Dorothy, but about Sophia, and I think it summed her up nicely.