Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coming not-so-soon to a bookshelf near you...

Boulos and I have been having very deep Gchat discussions re: love lately. Thank god we have each other because our repetetive whining (mine moreso than hers currently) would drive anyone else away.

In any case, we decided that neither of us knows anything about life and love and we are thus qualified to write a self-help book addressing both.

Obviously, given our inability to write simple blog posts on a semi-regular basis, this will take awhile.

So in about 2019, be on the look out for The Unicorns' Approach to Life and Love: I Will Master You, Bitch


Alice M Keller said...

Is it too early to pre-order an advance copy of the book? I'm totally serious. I can't wait to grill you on the new gentleman in 2 weeks. I'd do it right now but we don't have gchat at my new job. We do however have blogspot access so I guess its a tradeoff. You'll need to write more to make it. :-)

Boulos said...

I can't WAIT to start writing! God, we will finally accomplish ONE of the several fantastic ideas we're always throwing around. Also, I can't wait to go on all the shows I currently work for, and tell them about our mastery of life and love.