Monday, February 05, 2007

Daily Log

Something you may not know: Boulos and I spend a good deal of our "working" day emailing one another. We prefer this to instant message; I think we end up amusing one another more when we have to compose whole emails rather than type knee-jerk “ROTFLMAOLOLOLOL”s to each other. Anyway, this is how we KIT and continue to confide TMI in one another.

Today I decided to sum up “this day in the lives of Boulos and Amanda” in one of my final emails to Boulos. Keep in mind, we’re both a little out of it today due to the Super Bowl:

So today we have learned that data is good,* poorly written "medical" fluff articles suck, getting dirty rocks off is gross,** and we created our future euphemism for sex. Hopefully the sex won't be as mundane as the euphy!***

Oh, and you settled your debt**** (let's pretend it was mafia-related), but your teeth suck.*****

Kind of a mediocre day, but it had some highlights. Of course if it had featured Highlights, you would have loved it.******


* This might be more accurately worded as, “access to data is good,” as I was dealing with a non-functioning database. Having thought about it a bit, I think it’s actually a program and not a database. Oh well.

** Reference to Debbie, a woman with whom one of us works. Wanton sexual adventures are unattractive in a married middle-aged mother. Her habit of leaving early to partake in these adventures is not good form, but even worse is the TMI. The constant TMI.

*** A brief misunderstanding led to the mutual decision that we will one day, in front of our children, refer to sex as “trying to help him relax.”

**** (credit card)

***** Possibility of lower wisdom teeth causing chronic headaches

****** Boulos maintains a notorious, child-like appreciation of the magazine Highlights (also she loves books of Garfield comic strips, which is kind of irrelevant, but funny)


Boulos said...

God, you will NEVER let the Gardield thing go! Oh wife. So far no heaches today... that's a plus.

Amanda said...

Amanda: Boulos's love of Garfield :: Boulos: Amanda's old protective tissue