Sunday, November 19, 2006


It's been alluded to in earlier posts; my sister and I recently acquired a little dog. She looks like a miniature alien gorilla and I finally have pictures to share.

She followed my brother's friend to my parents' house. My parents' dog does not like other dogs, but luckily my sister and I happened to be visiting, so we took her home. When we first found her, she weighed 12 pounds and her ribs and spine were visible, which was gross. Most of these pictures were taken before she put on the full 4 pounds the vet recommended; she looks a lot healthier now, if not a little chubby. So, here's a bunch of pictures.

Oh, and sometimes she likes to wear little ill-fitting dresses.


Boulos said...

Yay Molly!!!
Wife- although I am psyched for your visit in December, I am SOOO excited to visit in Jan and meet Molly! She is too cute:)
P.S. That dress is HOT

Anonymous said...

That dog is great!