Friday, November 10, 2006

SUPER Scary!!!!

Alright, this is a MAJOR delayed post, but procrastination has made me avoid buckling down to write this for a couple weeks. Anyway, without further ado, I give you my Halloween post.

Halloween for me involved being dressed as Supergirl! Unfortunately it also involved dealing w/ a skirt that weighs NOTIHNG, and 40MPH winds, so it led to my flashing my sweetass bike shorts to all of NYC, and the eventual loss of my favorite jacket. Aside from that tragedy, some of the highlights of the evening involved several people screaming to Andy in his Superman outfit stuff like, "Why you waitin' for a cab when you can fly, Superman???" and several girls hitting on him, and then seeing me, and being like, "Oh, you're with Supergirl..." and subsequently running away. Haha. The best was the little boy who's mom said, "Look, Superman!", and that kid was in AWE of Andy, he seriously thought he was looking at the real, live Superman, and it was the cutest thing ever.

We were accompanied by Susie and her boyfriend Ken, who were dressed as a Scarecrow, and a Sumo Wrestler respectively. Susie's costume was super cute, and Ken's was hilarious b/c it was kept inflated by a fan. This proved to be INCREDIBLY hazardous to him, b/c while outside having a smoke, he was bodychecked at full speed by some girl who had assumed his costume was solid padding. It was hilarious, and luckily the other people who tried to punch his stomach, realized there was only air in his suit before making contact.

Overall it was a fantasical Halloween full of drunken debauch, although I may have to re-upload the pic later, b/c it doesn't seem to be showing anything but a giant black square... and I'm not gonna be one of those till next year.



Amanda said...

oooh, I can't wait to see your big black square outfit! My minnie mouse skirt was blowing up all over, too, which was hilarious and disturbing.

Anonymous said...

if you click on it, all is revealed. i love the hoops; Supergirl was always a bit too bookish for my taste.