Thursday, December 07, 2006


Tomorrow I am off to New York/ New Jersey for a weekend of debauchery! I cannot wait to see everyone; I can’t believe it has been 7 months!

But before I go, I thought I would share some funny stuff Boulos and I have been discussing via email. I think we have, like, one other reader – I imagine him as a hobo who reads our blog at the public library (Hi Hobo!!). So maybe he will find this stuff amusing.

First off, we both found this exchange on Overheard in New York:

Hipster girl: On the train into the city this morning, I sat on a baby and almost crushed it.
Metal guy: There is no internet acronym for how funny that is.

In my subsequent search for an appropriate acronym, I came across one in
this post on Wonkette: USFB. It stands for Under Skirt Finger Bang.

Which is truly awesome.

So, to clarify, the debauchery in New York will involve a lot of drinking and a WHOLE lot of USFB. I am packing nothing but skirts.



Tania said...

hey! i'm the hobo who reads your blog. omg, it gives me the giggles. has it occurred to you that you might be a comedic genius? I'm just saying you should think about it.

Anonymous said...

i own my own library. and my own hobos.

Boulos said...

Um, please to our few hobo readers, be aware that the stories to be posted from Amanda's trip may require you to wear depends b/c they are so funny. Also, get some tissues, as that wife of mine has brought me some sort of flu that I can't rid myself of. DAMN THIS SICKNESS!