Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Notes and other stuff.

The other night, Boulos was going through some old crap. She is in perpetual preparation for the eventual move at the end of April (I have a lot of time on my hands, but prefer to pretend it's not happening). So she found some note that I had written her senior year of college, which read as follows (well, to my memory):

Dear Boulos,
Thank you for being so boul-icious. I'll be dead soon.
Tyrone Bibbins, esq.
P.s. Allyson's dad and lover is Phineas Gage

The first part of this note makes sense; it's a reference to one of our favorite Kids in the Hall sketches (though my personal favorite is "the Marriages"). But the p.s. confused us. Who is Phineas Gage? I really created a winner with this note -- you know an inside joke is great when no one involved can decipher it years later!

So today I googled ol' Phineas, and found the following on wikipedia:

Phineas P. Gage (1823 - May 21, 1860) was a railroad construction worker who suffered an unusual kind of traumatic brain injury which inflicted severe damage to parts of his frontal brain during a work accident. Gage reportedly had significant changes in personality and temperament, which provided some of the first evidence that specific parts of the brain, particularly the frontal lobes, might be involved in specific psychological processes dealing with emotion, personality and problem solving.

Ah, yes. Allyson and I had a class called Brain and Behavior that year. It should have been called: so boring, when you hear the name Phinneas you will giggle all class and Mr. Gage will become your new hero. The lecturer was so dull, this tiny bit of amusement became a running joke for awhile. Oh how I miss college (particularly horrible required science courses).

Then last night, I was looking at my brother's myspace page. He's 15 and I like to check his comments for evidence of bad behaviour (though, unfortunately, his new presence on myspace means I have to keep my profile close to squeaky clean, which is difficult for a dirty drunken slut like myself). I was reading his comments aloud to Boulos because seriously, nothing is more amusing than teenager's computer-speak. We came across the following, posted by a girl who I believe he graduated grade school with:

hey zach whats up? lol

We laughed for about 10 minutes over this. This girl is clearly VERY easily amused. Not that saying "hi" to people DOESN'T make me laugh out loud myself. But I suggest that anyone reading this find a teenager's myspace page, and after viewing all of their teenage friends' near-pornographic self-portraits and feeling dirty in a new and horrible way, view their comments. because "lol" is clearly the computer version of the word "like" within the teenage lexicon.

So boulos demanded that I post the following comment on my brother's page:

That bang was so bootleg, I had to tip out. You'd better slow your roll, lol!

This was especially amusing to us because, left to my own devices, lol was the only word here that I understood. We got the first line from a commercial that pokes fun at teens' slang (and thus we have no idea if it is authentic), and when my sister told me to "slow my roll" over christmas, I said, "you can't just make things up!" She then explained to me that it was a slang term for "calm down" that I was a few years behind on. Sigh. Yes, I am officially old.

Also, I found this today on Brooklyn Vegan:

"On the first Friday of every month, Flavorpill teams up with the Guggenheim to create a dance party under the rotunda."
Next EventsMarch 3 (9pm-1am) - Carlos D. & VHS OR BETA (DJ)April 7 (9pm-1am) - Beans
Guggenheim Museum (1071 Fifth Ave @ 89th St) $20 (free for members)

$20 is a lot, but I just might pay it. I loooooooove Interpol (Carlos D), and a chance to dance at the Guggenheim is pretty enticing.


FYI: a google image search of Kids in the Hall results in.... actual kids in a hall. Could google get more literal??


Kristy said...

dude, I can't believe you didn't know "slow your roll"! that's a classic, and I expect you to try using it in a sentence today.

Anonymous said...

OMG its like old times- i'm sitting here reading your blog and totally LOL-ing over the Hi, lol. and i have totally said "slow your roll!" its a very useful term :D
<3 Laura

Lulu said...

Holy Rosary, Amanda.
these kids and their lolzzes!
I obey you always, so i just went to my teenage sister's myspace page to investigate. Her #2 friend had such a great comment wall I had to stop after 3 comments.

"this is a cute page... i almost threw up

maybe she will think differently about how funny it is to throw up if she's ever spewing all day long after falling up the stairs and then flooding the bathtub while asleep with full funtime clothes on.

Then, there were 2 gems from my oown flesh and blood:

"Where the hell have u been? lol"

and "condy rice sux dat dick."