Friday, April 02, 2010

Donka Do Balls

Thanks to "The Soup", I've made excellent discovery #1 of unemployment, the show "Over the Limit" on TruTV. Seriously, I think at this point, my dream job would be to work on this show, because it is HILARIOUS. It takes the best parts of "Cops", drunken crazos, and only features them at their absolute most hilarious and ridiculous. Weirdly, this one dude they stopped turned out to be sober, but was the originator of my new favorite phrase, "I'm sober as a whistle!". Hahaha.

I had dvred two episodes of this show after seeing this clip on "The Soup" last week, and luckily I ended up recording her whole appearance. Since today was my last day of work, I needed a good laugh, and man, did this deliver.


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You have to let me know if this continues to be a must-see.