Friday, October 13, 2006

Hot Dog!

You have not actually ever eaten a hotdog in your life unless you've eaten one that's deep fried. Last night, after some costume store browsing Andy took me to try a local, but actually quite nationally known favorite called Rutt's Hut. Alright, seriously this place is so good. Not only do they make their own relish (which I am not usually a relish user, but it's YUMMY), they use diner speak! Their dogs are called "Rippers" b/c they burst when you fry 'em, and there's all sorts of other lingo I can't currently remember, but it is really funny. You totally just stand at a counter too, the place has been there since sometime in the 30s, and it's REALLY well known by dog lovers. Although I'm pretty sure that I will be going into cardiac arrest later today from the side of onion rings and gravy fries we ordered, it was totally worth it. So... come on over to Jerz for a delicious dog or too! BTW- I am not a compensated endorser, they're just fantastical.


Amanda said...

This picture makes me never want to eat a hot dog again.

Boobs Radley said...

that looks fucking delicious.

Will said...

I have been, delightful.