Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Drunk and Drunker

It was quite the debauched weekend for us RNR unicorns, however it was spent separately. I do hope that the wife posts her story, which is unrivaled in its hilarity and blood alcohol level.

I had my own share of booze on Friday night and I only paid about $10 in tips for it. A friend of mine has discovered a bar here in NYC called "NO IDEA" which features a name night special. When your name day arrives you drink FOR FREE from 5pm-11pm, it is hands down, the best deal ever. When I heard my day was 9/29, I knew that I had to be there and that it would be totally worth it. I was right. Aside from slightly injuring myself while innebriated (tripping, but not falling to the floor, thankfully) I just had the best time. To mastercard shorthand the evening...

Catching up with old friends: $0
Accidentally (and repeatedly) aggrivating boyfriend's neck injury: $0
Drinking for free and only tipping the bartender: $10
Seeing Carrot Top on the street and yelling drunken babble at him: PRICELESS

So that was my night. Andy and I spent our ENTIRE Saturday in hangover recovery, but that's when the wife took over on the alcohol front. God I hope she posts her story, as it is seriously so legendary and even parallells a certain celebrity's weekend debaucle. No more hints.

P.S. Please wish for my rapid neck recovery as I have mysteriously injured it myself.


Amanda said...

You tripped???? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boobs Radley said...

they have a boulos day? what are the odds?

Boulos said...

I know, right? It was the day before "Kermit" go figure!