Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Omg, Strike? WTF!!!

Hahaha. I laugh in the face of MTA workers and their "strike," which means nothing to me because I am still unemployed, and all things that I require are available within walking distance. And, my metro card is pay per ride and not unlimited. HA!

Of course, really I should cry. I think the ultimate proof that my life has become pretty much void of meaning is here – I am sitting in front of NY1 at 3:30 am, waiting with bated breath for more news on the strike that doesn’t affect me at all, and drinking whiskey. The wife called me on Thursday (we’ve been undergoing a short trial separation but she returns home tomorrow) and asked, "what are you going to do if they strike?" Then we both laughed at the absurdity of that question. Me? I’ll sit home and email some resumes, watch a movie, get drunk and light things on fire to see what they smell like when burning. So I asked, um, what will YOU do? You have an actual job. In fact I asked this of a few people. Most people said, I don’t know. So the little bit of actual human interaction I have been experiencing lately = pointless conversation.

In an attempt to summarize my weekend, I’ll say: concentrated almost wholey on making sweet playlists, oh and also got way too drunk and made bad decisions. I woke up on Sunday, couldn’t remember half of Saturday night, took one look at the bottle of whiskey and knew why. Yes, MY bottle of whiskey – I settled on "alcoholic hermit" Saturday night after being a public idiot on Friday. I went Christmas shopping tonight – it was exciting because I haven’t ventured off my block since Friday, really – and, like the holiday asshole I am, I spent more money on myself than I did on others. I am really good at being on unemployment, and at self-control in general. But hey, I’m listening to the Stellastar album, one of my gifts to myself, and it’s pretty good.

Anyway, Happy Holidays, everyone! Merry Christmas specifically, as that is the holiday I personally celebrate. I can’t wait to go back to Chicago on Friday. I am looking forward to a much-needed interruption to my alcoholic, nocturnal, hermit-like ways as of late.



carrie said...

will you marry me if you & kelly are seperating?

Amanda & Boulos said...

Oh, it was only a short seperation... but I am all yours when I'm in Chicago. Cheating in different time zones doesn't count.

Amanda & Boulos said...

Uh, Carrie, I'll cut you!
~Amanda's one and only true wife