Wednesday, June 13, 2007

At Least It's Not That Old Lady, Dirty Pantyhose Smell

I have been experiencing hygiene issues for the past week or so.

That sounded disgusting. Okay, here is the issue: I have been noticing that I have smelly armpits. Like, yeah, BO-smelly. But I use deodorant! The same one I've been using for months, except I recently bought a double-sized stick of a different scent. Maybe this is why it was on sale... maybe I will never buy sale deodorant again (it IS a brand name, in my defense).

In any case, I checked and it's anti-perspirant as well, like I always buy. I've never had a severe armpit sweat issue like, oh, about 1/2 of my female friends have. And I've never had this smell issue! It's really getting me down. I bought a new deodorant during lunch but I almost don't want to try it, for fear it won't work and I will be left smelly and friendless forever.

To top it all off, later this afternoon is the party (with booze) for my new office and I don't really know 1/2 these people. I'll probably get tipsy, throw up my arms in celebration, and promptly become the office reject.



The Brooklyn Sea Hag said...

I have smelly armpits ALL THE TIME. The only thing that helps me is a new brand of deodorant-- seriously I have to switch like once a week if I want it to work. Otherwise I just live with it. Welcome to the reject club, sistah.

Alice and Dave said...

Dave has to switch his deoderant all the time too - I think the armpit bacteria just become resistant after a while. I've had luck recently with Secret's clinical strength that costs $10 for a tiny stick and you put it on the night before and look forward to eventual death by armpit cancer.

Boulos said...

I will hang with all you smellies, as you know I can't smell you, yay! I'm the perfect friend for the stinky looses you are!