Monday, April 09, 2007

Recurring Pain in my Ass

We are very bad bloggers. Sorry, reader. I was laid up with a mysterious illness for a few days, plus I’m preparing to move at the end of the month (AGAIN). And, I’m lazy.

I realized recently that I have moved every year since high school except one. Ah, 2005. So beautifully cardboard box-free.

This time, my sister is buying a condo and I will essentially be renting a room from her. So there’s been more insanity than ever, with figuring out when we can move in (it’s a rehab so the dates have been tentative and frequently pushed back), finding a painter, and a whole mess of other stuff that she handles and I remain blissfully unaware of.

And an update regarding the neighborhood in which I grew up: Yesterday, as my sister and I drove to my parent’s house for Easter, we were forced to take a detour down an alley because a fire truck was blocking our way. A few hours later, our friend dropped by and told us there had been a
huge drug bust less than a block away (a few houses down from where my ex-boyfriend lived!). The cops recovered $1.2 million worth of pot! How awesome. I expected to see Mary Louise Parker in handcuffs on my street.

And now, please let me share with you my favorite moments from the past few weeks:

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Alice and Dave said...

It's about time you posted - I need my amusing anecdotes about your lives!!!! Anyway, I'm a total hypocrite as I just updated my blog for the first time in 4 months and included no amusing anecdotes but rather an update on the deterioration of my mental health. But that's why I need *your* anecdotes!