Thursday, January 25, 2007

This Must Be Posted

Our friend Lisa originally sent this to us when she was looking for a wedding gift for her husband. I have been able to find it twice since, but this always takes a good half hour of googling and searching my email.

Today, we were exchanging fun wedding links (Alice will be married in July!), when I remembered this.

First, a link to the suggested gift. It should be noted that I am a woman, but if a man ever bought me a crappy watercolor for any occasion, much less our wedding, I would shoot him in the face. And if I told my story and brought the painting to the court room, I am certain I would be vindicated (provided the jury was composed of peers with good taste).

Here is the best part, the page on which it is suggested that one might buy this for her groom. The responses to this are hilarious. Unfortunately, over a year ago this page started getting spammed regularly so it might take a minute to load.

Just thought I would share, but mostly I just wanted to create a permanent link for purely selfish reasons.


Boobs Radley said...

um... do you think if i sent them a photoshopped wedding picture of my ex boyfriend and zach braff that they'd do it for me?

Amanda said...

If you sent them a good photoshopped picture, on what basis can they refuse? I'm pretty sure the image I put up is a lesbian wedding, so I don't think they have moral objections to that sort of thing.